Fit is a legend ... look is a dream


Concept Design F/W 08

Some months ago, I enter into the famous Louvre Museum in a very cloudy day. This the place where stay some of the most beautiful painting and artwork of all over the world.

Istantly, when I exit from slinding scale of the underground, I lighten by the view of this majestic palace, that's right this building is wonderful.

People enter in the Museum through a suggestive glass pyramid.

I'm not linger on the exclusive and rare beauty of painting but I can't express the emotion that I feel looking over the “Cana's Marriage” of Veronese, a stupendous painting with a special allure, not only for his size of about ten meters. The same sensation is for all works in the Museum.

I sit down in a bench and I visualize the transposition of the charaters nowadays, dreaming which kind of shoes they had.

From this point is began the original idea for the fall/winter collection 08, and, as every year, there is an alphabetic letter wich mark the Collection. This year is the letter G, and all shoes names begin for this.


Anonymous said...

Love your style of shoes, especially your mocassin and beige colors, but you forget small feet peoples, size 35 or 5 USA.

... said...

Dear A ... where do you buy Caligarius shoes?
Normally we produce 35 size, if you order that number directly to your shop, we provide to send it. Otherwise you can order your size directly to the Factory, in this case minimun two pair and with little overprice. I hope yhat this will help you, if not, write me another time. For me is a pleasure to satisfy your request.
Have a nice day!

RobK said...

I'm a 35 also. Not many of those around!

... said...

Dear R, thanks for your visit ...
ask directly to my friend

Unknown said...

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