Fit is a legend ... look is a dream



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a new pair of shoes

Do girls, tell us all! What is there of better whether to purchase a new pair of shoes?
Certain: won't it make us stop crying for the little fellow that has abandoned us or it won't make us pass the headache, but the good sensation in spending to buy some shoes is quiete irrenounceable?
The impulse to the purchase, and the emotion that invades us to the single thought to make to slip the foot in a new shoe, object of our desire is also out of any description ...

I possess all I think it’s fantastic! I’m not one of those people that say: Beh! We must not give up ourselves! No, I have a closet full of shoes, and it is a beautiful thing."

Oprah Winfrey


Caligarius Est Zebra

Est Zebra patent leather d'orsays.
Indeed special! I have never tried "her" but they seem indeed comfortable and above all easily wearable in the daytime with the jeans or in the evening with an elegant suit.


Caligarius Dalia

This super sexy high heel sandal is like a magnet attraction for women looking in a high luxury boutique.

They are absolutely fantastic ... could you imagine them combined with a short black dress for the evening? And, top of the top to complete the picture, with a sweety small red bag?


Caligarius Evviva

When buying clothes, it is important to have classic items (those that I call "investment pieces") in your wardrobe that you will be able to wear for years. Trends are great, but you need to build your wardrobe with some of the basic staples. Here are a few items I thought everyone should have in their wardrobe: black dress pants, tailored suit, little black dress, Jeans, classic white blouse, cardigan sweater and finally classic black heels.

Caligarius for being Princess

The shoes of princesses - These shoes are just amazing! They look and are extremely luxurious, and what's better, I feel really comfortable due to the well-studied grip and the soft insole. And trust me, when I heard from my friends that I "looked like a princess," I really felt like one!

I'll buy plenty of Caligarius shoes; they're so convenient too for being made in Italy, compared to the crazy prices around!!