Fit is a legend ... look is a dream


Caligarius Finale

The styles of shoes we choose to wear speak a thousand words about how we wish the world to perceive us.

Emma Bowd - Mad about shoes


few words

Many shoes are just beautiful, but they are not shoes: they’re just objects.
Stefano Ferragamo


Caligarius Flegreo

The Flegreo sandal by Caligarius is a foolproof way to achieve a chic summer look. Elegant like a stiletto shoe is so confortable and light ... the new foot dress for summer.


Fashion Spring

Fashion Spring by Caligarius ... this is a picture of one of the best shop for shoes addicted in Milano ... his name ... Vergelio. Traditionally known for his quality!
Don't miss the thing ... for the first time in Milano you can see and buy the new spring /summer collection by Stefano Ferragamo for his brand Caligarius.