Fit is a legend ... look is a dream


Concept Design F/W 08

Some months ago, I enter into the famous Louvre Museum in a very cloudy day. This the place where stay some of the most beautiful painting and artwork of all over the world.

Istantly, when I exit from slinding scale of the underground, I lighten by the view of this majestic palace, that's right this building is wonderful.

People enter in the Museum through a suggestive glass pyramid.

I'm not linger on the exclusive and rare beauty of painting but I can't express the emotion that I feel looking over the “Cana's Marriage” of Veronese, a stupendous painting with a special allure, not only for his size of about ten meters. The same sensation is for all works in the Museum.

I sit down in a bench and I visualize the transposition of the charaters nowadays, dreaming which kind of shoes they had.

From this point is began the original idea for the fall/winter collection 08, and, as every year, there is an alphabetic letter wich mark the Collection. This year is the letter G, and all shoes names begin for this.