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How to Break in High Heel Shoes

New shoes can be harsh on your feet, but being patient before wearing those fabulous shoes out on the town can save those feet some pain. Breaking your shoes, especially high heel shoes in before going out in them is an essential step to create that fierce walk.

Step One

Buy the correct size! If the shoe is too small no amount of breaking in the shoe will help your feet, and if the shoe is too big it will cause you to fall and nothing will be able to save your face.

Step two

Wear the shoes in you house for thirty minutes every day, or until your feet begin to hurt, whichever comes first. Not only will this break in your shoe but it will give you plenty of time to practice walking in this specific heel.


Charlene said...

Thanks for the wonderful guideline about high heel shoes. I always remember these tips.

caligarius said...

You're welcome Charlene